Publish dateSunday 1 October 2023 - 23:18
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International Conference on Higher Education
The Ministry of Higher Education of the Islamic Emirate began an international conference titled “Green Revolution” in Kabul.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, The introductory meeting of the first international conference was held in Kabul today.
Authorities at the ministry said the conference is being run by national and international specialists and university lecturers.
The conference is aimed at the self-reliance of Afghanistan and is also being attended by representatives of several ministries.
“Considering the priorities of Afghanistan, the country can develop well in the agricultural sector because this is an agricultural country. Professors say that Afghanistan is 80% reliant on agriculture," said Lutfullah Khairkhwa, Deputy Minister of Higher Education.
“Climate is changing and water decreases across the world, should we use the same old methods or new ones? We have to use creative methods in agriculture, we currently use 100% water for irrigation while the rest of the world only uses 10%," said Safiullah Jawhar, Dean of Agriculture Faculty at Kabul University.
The representatives of ministries ensured their full support of the organizers of the conference and Afghanistan’s agricultural sector.
“On behalf of the ministry of agriculture, I pledge to be cooperative with you," said Sadr Azam, Deputy Minister of Agriculture.
“Agriculture deals with the lives of people, the government is responsible for preparing the minds of people for development," said Farooq Azam, Advisor to the Ministry of Energy and Water.
In the meantime, the deputy minister of higher education, said that this will not be their last effort for holding such international conferences, but the ministry will continue holding such conferences on different topics in different provinces.
“On behalf of the ministry of higher education, I assure you we are committed to holding such international conferences in the future," said Hafiz Hasib Ahmad, Deputy Minister of Higher Education.
The conference is funded by the Ministry of Higher Education of the Islamic Emirate and is run by specialists from ministries, university lecturers and 30 foreign specialists.
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