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Putin: Ukraine
Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview that Ukraine's counterattack has completely failed.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with Russia 1 channel that Ukraine's counterattack has completely failed. He emphasized that Ukraine is preparing offensive operations in different areas of the front line, and Russia is responding accordingly.
The Russian President added that the forces of this country are improving their positions in most parts of the region and are engaged in active defense and have made significant progress in certain areas.
According to "Sputnik" news agency, Putin explained: "The counterattack, which is apparently deadlocked, has completely failed." We know that the enemy is preparing new active offensive operations in certain areas of the front line. We see it and we know about it and we respond.
Continuing his explanations, he said: Russian forces are currently improving their situation almost throughout the area of hostilities. These measures can be described as active defense with improved positions in some areas, including Kopyansk, Zaporozhye, and Audiyevka.
"Mikhail Podoliak", the senior adviser to the President of Ukraine, blamed the country's western supporters for the failure of Kiev's counterattacks against Russian forces. Before him, Kirill Budanov, head of Ukraine's military intelligence, admitted that the country's counter-attacks against Russian forces are not behind the plan, but completely out of the plan, and added that the explanation in this regard is classified information.
Asked in an interview Thursday if he agreed with Budanov's assessment, Podoliak said Ukraine's counterattacks are six to nine months behind schedule.
Vasily Nebenzia, Russia's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, said at the Security Council meeting on Friday that the four-month counterattacks by Ukrainian forces have not achieved any of their goals. He added: In these four months, the counter-attacks have only resulted in the destruction of hundreds of units of Western equipment and tens of thousands of dead among the Ukrainian forces, most of whom did not want to fight. The luckier ones surrendered and survived.
Ukraine launched its much-publicized counteroffensive in early June, but quickly ran into a solid defense wall and Russian minefields. According to the latest statistics, Ukraine has lost more than 90,000 troops, 557 tanks and about 1,900 armored vehicles during counterattacks.
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