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US-Taliban peace talks will not end war in Afghanistan: Second Vice-President

Sarwar Danish, the Second Vice-President of the country, says that the Taliban’s Talks with the United States will not end the current war in Afghanistan.
US-Taliban peace talks will not end war in Afghanistan: Second Vice-President
“It would be nothing but a vision if the Taliban think that they can reach peace and win only by negotiating with the United States of America,” said Mr. Danish.
“Talking of peace will be only a meaningless slogan and effort to deceive the world unless the Taliban acquiesce to a change in their war strategy, reduction of violence, acceptance of the ceasefire, and an intra-Afghan negotiation led by the Afghan government,” he further said.
Though he points out to the beginning of the Taliban’s negotiations with the Afghan government, he says that the Afghan people’s achievements during the last 18 years should not be ignored.
“The Taliban group changed Afghanistan to a silent graveyard in the decade 70 and left a destroyed and burned land behind themselves. They had ruled an autocratic and dictatorship system where the citizens did not have any rights,” Mr. Danish added.
In addition, Mr. Danish stresses on holding the presidential election on its scheduled date and says that the group which joins peace should accept the republican electoral system.
“Accepting peace never means dissuasion of the election since if there is no election, there would be the emirate’s system which the Afghan people have experienced,” he said.
This comes as the Independent Election Commission is preparing for holding the presidential election on September 28th and the new round of US-Taliban peace talks is supposed to begin soon. 
Saturday 20 July 2019 23:20
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