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Afghan govt. urges collective action against coronavirus spread

As Afghanistan is struggling with growing number of coronavirus cases, the government has urged the nation to take the disease seriously and warned they may fall victim to the spread. 
Afghan govt. urges collective action against coronavirus spread
The public health ministry confirms 40 coronavirus infection cases across the country, warning of a sharp increase in the coming weeks.
Afghan government has allocated 25 million dollars to counter the disease. It has also called on Taliban militant group to strongly cooperate to reduce the levels of harm coming from the spread of covid-19.
The threat of further spread of coronavirus in Afghanistan has closed educational centers, swimming pools, religious sites and public places. Afghan government has also put a ban on all hotels, restaurants and sports matches.
Afghanistan’s public health ministry has also called on the presidential palace to quarantine the city of Herat in western Afghanistan where most of positive cases of covid-19 have been confirmed. Health authorities warn of bitter consequences in the near future.
Tuesday 24 March 2020 11:12
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