Publish dateThursday 4 August 2022 - 14:07
Story Code : 256637
Flash Floods and Landslides in Uruzgan
Flash Floods and Landslides in Uruzgan have been blocked the routes connecting Uruzgan province’s capital to some of its remote districts.
Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)_Monitoring, Residents’ access to Tarinkot, the provincial capital, has been impeded by the province’s recent flash floods, which have completely blocked the roads linking the districts to it.
In a press conference on Wednesday, August 3, Haji Muzamal, the deputy governor of the Islamic Emirate in Zabul province, stated that Shahid Asas and Gizab districts’ highways in Uruzgan province remain impassable to cars, and closed to traffic.

The routes in these two districts have been closed for the past two weeks, he further said. The floods that have occurred in Uruzgan over the past five weeks, according to local Islamic Emirate authorities, have resulted in significant human and financial loss for the local inhabitants.

This occurs as Uruzgan, among other provinces, was mentioned in warnings from the Afghanistan Meteorology Department about heavy rainfall and flash floods.
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