Publish dateThursday 3 August 2023 - 14:59
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After the statement of the foreign minister of Pakistan that his country will take military action in order to eliminate terrorist activities in Afghanistan, international relations experts say that the politicians of the Pakistani government are making comments against Afghanistan against international laws. They believe that according to international laws and international principles and general international law, a country can carry out military operations inside the territory of another country when it has been attacked by that country.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Pakistan's Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said in a meeting on Tuesday (August 1) that if the Islamic Emirate does not act to eliminate terrorist groups, Pakistan will defend itself and to eliminate Terrorists will conduct military operations in Afghanistan.
Ahmad Ramin Ahmadzai, an expert on international relations, said in a conversation with AVA that the politicians of the Pakistani government are commenting against Afghanistan against international laws, because according to international laws and "universal principles of war and general international law", a country can once enter to carry out military operations on the territory of another country that has been attacked from that country.
Ahmadzai added that according to the 1961 Vienna and Chicago Convention, whenever a country feels threatened by another country, if they have documents and evidence, they should try to solve their problem through dialogue.
He emphasized that if the mentioned country does not act to prevent the threat despite having documents and evidence, then the affected country should protest to the legal institutions of the world. to military operations.
This international relations expert pointed out: For more than four decades, the government of Pakistan has been supporting terrorist groups and equipping them in order to put pressure on its regional rivals, therefore the government officials of this country are accusing the Islamic Emirate of fighting. With terrorism, they want to exonerate themselves and the international community.
Hamzah Omari, an expert on political affairs, also told AVA that the main cause of instability in Pakistan is the incompetence of the country's political leaders and widespread corruption in the government of Pakistan, which has caused people to distance themselves from the government and increase suicide and explosive attacks.
He added that Pakistan's political leaders in regional and international meetings should not accuse the Islamic Emirate of harboring terrorists in Afghanistan without documents, but instead should try to eliminate corruption and better governance in their country.
Omari had the means that during the last two years, the security forces of the Islamic Emirate have been able to destroy several hideouts of terrorists in different parts of Afghanistan and prevent the expansion of their activities, based on this, there is no threat from the Afghan soil to the countries of the region and neighbors during this period. It wasn't and isn't.
This political expert clarified that the government of Pakistan should take effective steps for stability in their country and try to improve relations with neighboring countries instead of bullying and threats.
At the same time, Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, also responded to the statements of the Pakistani government officials and added that we want Pakistan to resolve its internal issues and not accuse the caretaker government of Afghanistan in this regard.
Mujahid added that Pakistan should solve their problems inside their country, they should prevent their security issues and ensure the security of their country. Not to attribute the issue to Afghanistan in case of failures.
Before this, the Pakistani authorities have always considered Afghanistan a threat to their country and said that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban is present in Afghanistan; Statements that have always been denied by the Islamic Emirate, the Pakistani Taliban have also said that they coordinate their attacks from inside Pakistan.
It is worth mentioning that Pakistan is currently facing a range of economic problems. The country's foreign exchange reserves have also decreased, raising questions about Islamabad's ability to meet its foreign debt obligations.
Currently, a very alarming situation prevails in Pakistan, and no sign of fundamental changes in the country's economic outlook can be seen. It is not only the issue of foreign debts, but there is the issue of internal debt that has brought this country close to bankruptcy.
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