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Interaction with the Islamic Emirate; Reasons, needs and requirements
During the first five years of the Taliban's rule, Tebyan Center for Social Cultural Activities had a tough stance against it, and it was perhaps the only cultural and media stream that, from the beginning of its rise to the fall of this group, enlightened and opposed it using various tools. He did serious and extensive work, defending and promoting the achievements of the resistance front, not only in Afghanistan, but also in the region and the world, especially in Iran and some western countries such as Germany, and during twenty years. Not only did the latter not have a positive view of the Taliban, but he was always critical of their political, military and religious movement and behavior. However, since the second stage of the Taliban's conquest of the country, he first paused and then began to study and criticize from various angles. The study of different currents, the Taliban and the circles related to the republic, and then came to the conclusion that it should take a different path towards the Taliban, and as a result, only the Shiite organizations that wanted to interact with the current government, The center of cultural and social activities was Tebyan, as a great Islamic and national trend, and although some people The government of Afghanistan, especially the elements affiliated with the Republic  and mostly the paid individuals and cores of the enemy's intelligence networks, most of whom live in some neighboring and western countries, attacked these organizations with severe destruction, but the officials and the hands With a logical analysis of the situation and a correct understanding of the prevailing conditions, the officials of Tabyan Center adopted the approach of interacting with the government and even demanded the recognition of the Islamic Emirate by the countries of the region and the world in order to improve the economic and security situation of the country.
 Although on various occasions and in various political, cultural, intellectual and social meetings and gatherings, the reasons for the approach of the Tabyan Center have been stated in detail, but now we are interested in explaining these reasons in a more orderly manner, from the point of view of those who are interested in the positions of this organization, in order to mature on the one hand. The movement of the Tabyan Center should be flaunted so that the friends are justified and at the same time happy and the spiteful enemies are disgraced and darkened. , correct their views and positions, and take the right way to help stabilize the situation, ensure the stability and security of the country, and the authority of the national government, like the Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center.
 So this is you and these are the reasons for choosing the path of interaction between the center of cultural and social activities of Tebyan and the Islamic Emirate.
The first reason; Being among the people and working for them
The most important philosophy of creating and sustaining the life of militant organizations is to provide various services, especially intellectual, cultural and economic to the people, to build the country and empower the desired national government, and this mission requires the formation of these organizations from the heart of the people and presence among the social layers of the society.
Therefore, the first reason that caused the Tabyan Center (an organization that arose from the hearts of the people) to believe in interacting with the Islamic Emirate; Being on stage is staying among the people and working for the cultural and economic development of the masses.
What if opposition to the government is taken, there will be no ground for presence, no conditions for work, and no capacity to provide services to the people, because it is possible that the Islamic Emirate, due to its nascent nature, the existence of various factors of chaos, and the lack of a platform Tolerating the opposition forces or weakness in the management and leadership of the opposition was not a suitable approach, and those involved in the Tebyan center were also forced to leave the country.
As with the arrival of the Taliban, many real and legal personalities left the country due to their opposition to the Taliban, and the parties claiming to lead the people collapsed, and their leaders and senior managers preferred to flee, and in the meantime, there were people who were following the currents for years. Different people worked hard and served, and even their middle forces, who bore the greatest burden of party work, either did not find a way to get out of the country, or did not have the ability to migrate, or did not show any interest in going out of the country, and naturally this range of people stayed in the country. But without a theme and direction, on the one hand, it would cause serious harm to them, and on the other hand, their material and spiritual capacity and ability would not be exploited for themselves, nor would it be used for the growth and promotion of the country.
In spite of rapid and lightning changes and the fall of one city after another, Tebyan Center for Cultural and Social Activities did not close its offices in Kabul and other provinces of the country for even an hour, but it was active more than ever and in First of all, it was to encourage people to stay in the country and participate in strengthening themselves and building Afghanistan, which achieved a noticeable success in this area, and fortunately, within a year of the recent developments and the fall of the republic and the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, the services of the intellectuals, It has also provided cultural and media.
It seems natural that when a current maintains this view in the direction of continuing the struggle, at the same time, in many other ways, it is in harmony and alignment with the government, it prefers interaction over confrontation, and not only in the field of strengthening the foundations of the organizational movement. It will also work to expand the platform of activity. In addition to the presence of the active offices of the Tabyan Center and the AVA news agency in Kabul, Herat and Mazar-e-Sharif, the offices of these two organizations were opened in Kandahar at the beginning of the coming to power of the Islamic Emirate, focusing on some other provinces such as Daikundi, Bamyan, Ghor, Ghazni, Helmand, Faryab, Sar e-pol, Jawzjan, Badakhshan, etc., have appointed their cultural and news representatives in these provinces, so that all these dear ones are engaged in extensive intellectual, cultural and media activities and have an objective presence. In some provinces, he has put other provinces on his agenda.
It is that today, by saying no to the confrontation with the Islamic Emirate, it is trying to take the path of interaction with it, to provide a better way for mutual cooperation than in the past.
The second reason for the interaction of "Tebyan Center" with the Islamic Emirate; Subscription to positions
The second reason for the interaction of "Tebyan Center" with the Islamic Emirate is the sharing of positions on many issues and issues that cannot be explained in this article, but I will mention a few as examples.
A; The rule of Islamic narrative
After more than 20 years, for the first time, the Islamic narrative dominates in all the structures of the system, in such a way that when you enter in big and small cities and villages, Islamic manifestations are clearly and boldly seen during the republic, such an environment and conditions were not only not seen, but anti-Islamic and religious manifestations were unbearable for every believer and pious person and made hearts saddened.
From the beginning of its establishment, the center of cultural and social activities of Tebyan has been seeking the establishment of an Islamic government and its shadow control over the whole country. Now, the religious expectations may not be fulfilled 100%, or there may be differences between what we want and what exists now. Yes, it can be felt, but of course, many deficiencies and deficiencies can be solved with intellectual, cultural and social efforts and struggles, but in general, every Muslim feels calm when he sees the narrative that governs the entire governmental and national structures. He comes to the conclusion that he speaks, writes, walks and lives in an Islamic country.
B; Arrogant spirit
One of the principles of Islam is to fight against global arrogance and at the head of it, America, and today the prevailing spirit at the level of all officials, employees and soldiers of the Islamic Emirate is the same issue. Although in the current situation, the opponents say that this claim is false, because the Taliban is made by the hands of America and the West, but in response we can say; Although elements affiliated with the United States may have influence among the Taliban and the Islamic Emirate in general, the main policy of the Islamic Emirate and its body as a whole is opposition to the West and the United States, and many examples can be given to prove this claim. The most prominent of which was the 20-year war against America and its ruling culture in Afghanistan, but today's clear example of this opposition is the construction of the symbol of Jerusalem at one of the busy intersections in Kabul, and this is not a small or negligible task. That America's red line is the integrity of the occupying Quds regime and the security of its occupied territories, and the action of the Kabul municipality regarding the construction of this symbol is a clear message of open and serious opposition to America and the West. From the beginning, the Tebyan Center was founded on this principle, that is, a serious confrontation with arrogance, and any movement and government that adopts or does this policy, will be liked by us and will never have doubts in interacting and aligning with it.
C; Decisive fight against the hated ISIS group
Although we have not forgotten that during the years before the Taliban came to power in the second phase, this movement had bloody conflicts with the ISIS group, but after coming to power, it is clear that there is no mercy for the members, individuals and nuclei of ISIS and if they find out about the presence of the networks of this hateful and terrorist group, they do not have the least doubt in destroying it. Of course, this policy is not only pleasing to the Tebyan Center, but all the Muslim people, especially the Shia of Afghanistan, are satisfied with its process and support it.
D; Intransigence with Salafism and serious confrontation with Wahhabism
Another movement that took root in Afghanistan during the past twenty years with the organization and support of Saudi Arabia and the establishment of the Republic, and gained significant depth and breadth with special educational coverage; It is a decadent and rotten thought of Wahhabism as well as Salafism. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of young people were infected with this thought during the past years. Now, we have witnessed the Emirate's conflict with this thinking and we have been convinced that the government officials are not only trying to prevent the promotion and re-propaganda of this fake religion, but also what has been worked on in the past and as the cores of propaganda and weaponization in different places. The country exists, it is the object of attention, follow-up and attack by the security institutions, especially the intelligence of Afghanistan. For this reason, it is natural that the Tebyan Center strongly welcomes the existence of such a policy and is willing to engage seriously with the Islamic Emirate.
E; fight against corruption
1- Fight against moral corruption
In the past 20 years, the strategic work of the West was to promote moral corruption in Afghanistan, in such a way that moral unrestrainedness was c learly visible from the cities and villages, and prostitution and corruption had reached such a peak that it made the environment for healthy breathing it was taken from our pious people. It is not possible to point out many examples in this short article, but it can be said that the West's greatest focus was to smear our people morally, and unfortunately it achieved many successes in this field, but after the Taliban took over the country The manifestations of debauchery were removed and all kinds of moral corruption were fought. Currently, even one example of moral corruption common in the last 20 years is not visible or even noticeable in any part of the country.
2- Fight against administrative corruption
Among other common corruptions in the last 20 years was administrative corruption, and although nothing, even the most legal, was done without paying a bribe, it was from the highest to the lowest government responsibilities and positions, and only those They could become ministers, lawyers, presidents, managers, etc., spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. It can even be said with certainty that the main cause of the suicide and explosive operations was due to corruption in the security apparatus, otherwise, how was it possible for the truck full of explosives to easily pass through the security belts of the city, itself to the crowded areas and then creating terrible explosions, but now there is no news of this corruption and no one has the least courage to carry out their work easily by using administrative corruption.
3- Fighting cultural and media vulgarity
During the republic, both cultural and media spheres were involved in vulgarity, which was done against the beliefs, morals and native life of the people by covering various anti-cultural programs. In the field of media, you could not be busy watching vulgar movies and programs on some televisions with your wife and children, but now there is a strong fight against the vulgarity of these areas, and the Islamic Emirate's monitoring and commanding bodies they deal decisively.
On the other hand, in this new government, economic corruption, political corruption, security corruption, military corruption and all manifestations of corruption in all fields do not have an easy way of formation, growth and development. Although all the manifestations of the mentioned corruptions from the past have been dealt with and dismantled, the re-formation and unrestrained development has been prevented, so that today none of the manifestations of the mentioned corruptions are noticeable and natural. That the more the life of the Islamic Emirate passes, the better the situation will improve.
F; Fighting against hijab and bad hijab
The Islamic hijab is an important factor in the existence of modesty and modesty, and the enemy needs to promote modesty and immodesty in order to control an Islamic country. The important means of achieving these two approaches is removing the hijab or removing it. During the republican period, there was an organized struggle against the hijab. Now you don't see nakedness anywhere. Although there is no special uniform for hijab yet and people are free to choose the type of clothing, however, the appropriate clothing for men and women is tangible.
Other examples of this kind of decisive struggle have made the conditions for the interaction of the center of cultural and social activities of Tebyan more than ever with the Islamic Emirate to be provided.
The third reason for the interaction of "Tebyan Center" with the Islamic Emirate; Negation of war and emphasis on peace and stability through cultural activities
Regardless of any other reason, basically one of the important motivations for the establishment of the Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center has been the opposition to any kind of war and internal conflict, and of course if social understanding and political understanding increases through the improvement of the general culture of the society, which is the main mission Tebyan Center has been, is, and will be the same from the beginning of its establishment until now, which spans 31 years. People's peaceful coexistence, unification of the ranks of different national strata and work and effort to ensure global peace and stability, provide partial and general welfare and comfort and prepare the ground for strengthening the foundations of the Islamic government and the authority and greatness of the country.
In the current situation, Afghanistan needs to take this process more than ever before, so that at least after 43 years of conflict and war, part of which was internal or with the help of the country's citizens, the path of mutual dialogue and ensuring permanent peace and stability has been reached.
Today, there are great opportunities for Muslim fighters to fulfill their religious and human responsibility to the people and the land of Afghanistan more than at any other time in history, and to say no to tension, unrest and war, and knowing its internal and external factors. We are determined to deal with these factors, and for once, by ignoring the false waves of the West to weaken the various structures of Afghanistan and the continuation of the conditions of captivity and slavery of our people, a national process should be taken to make Afghanistan free, prosperous and powerful.
There have been 43 years of war and conflict in Afghanistan, and as far as it was against aggression and occupation, it was an Islamic duty, and it was for the benefit of the people and the country, and it also led to freedom and independence. , has been to the detriment of all sides and the most important consequence of it is that we have not been able to protect the achievements of fourteen years of Jihad on the one hand and on the other hand to benefit from its various and numerous benefits and at least taste the sweetness of freedom and independence and if this process to continue in a natural way is not in the interest of any individual, faction and internal front, but it provides the ways of intervention and domination of the evil intervening powers once again, and then we have to deal with the problems and dilemmas caused by Occupation or at least widespread dependence, we are facing, by giving countless physical and intellectual deaths, we live a miserable life.
Therefore, the only way out of the country's critical situation is the interaction and cooperation of the people with each other and with the existing government, and we encourage everyone to adopt this policy, and the Tebyan Center has also started from the beginning of the Taliban regaining power and creating a stage structure. The second period of emirate in Afghanistan and its control over the entire country has talked about interaction and chanting its slogan, through the deepening and expansion of intellectual, cultural and social activities, has practically stepped in this valley and with the power of God with all the strength of this path, In spite of the propaganda and sabotage of informed enemies and uninformed friends.
The fourth reason for the interaction of "Tebyan Center" with the Islamic Emirate; The impossibility of war in Afghanistan and its continuation
In the previous few episodes, with a reasoned and logical analysis, we stated three reasons for the interaction of the Tebyan center with the Islamic Emirate, but the fourth reason is the impossibility of any war and widespread insecurity and its continuation in Afghanistan, despite the enemy's wishes. First, the intelligence networks of the enemy and then their affiliated agents inside and outside, and then the limited elements and people who are unaware and of course ignorant and influenced by the contents produced by foreigners, have repeatedly sounded the bells of war with the Islamic Emirate, trying to They are making the atmosphere look gloomy, and in order to confuse the public's mind, they are trying to make the least propaganda actions by blackening the current situation and the structure and plans of the Islamic Emirate.
The opponents cite several criticisms and reasons to justify their extravagance and subversive goals;
1- The Taliban are bloodthirsty and have no upper hand in killing innocent people.
2- This group is affiliated with Pakistan, they have no independence and are not even allowed to drink water, and they are managed and led with the support of the intelligence organization of this country, and the widespread and brutal killings of their countrymen and opposition to the manifestations of civilization, etc., are also carried out under the guidance of Pakistanis. Takes.
3- The Taliban have been strict towards women, they have not only ignored and violated the rights of this group in various fields, but also violated them.
4- The government of the Islamic Emirate is exclusive and mono-ethnic, and there is no will to reform the structure and provide the basis for the participation of other classes from other religions, ethnicities and languages.
Therefore, the opponents of the Islamic Emirate believe that the only way to get rid of it is war and ultimately overthrow.
But there are two problems here;
First, the opponents do not have the authority to make such criticisms, especially around the issues raised, because;
If murderers and bloodthirsty are supposed to be bad and can be impeached and prosecuted, then every murderer and criminal of any spectrum and structure and from any historical period should be bad and can be prosecuted, not just the Taliban. What's more, there are many real and legal personalities in Afghanistan whose hands are involved in the blood of the countrymen and the destruction of the country's infrastructure.
In the past 4 decades in the country, 4 spectrums played an active role in the anti-occupation and internal wars, each of which killed not tens of thousands, but hundreds of thousands of our innocent countrymen.
1- Communists
The first group that is in the first line of the killers of the people of Afghanistan and in bringing it back were the communists affiliated with the former Soviet Union. A group that, according to objective evidence and historical documents, made more than one million people martyrs and veterans, and displaced millions of other people, and destroyed many geographical and economic infrastructures of the homeland, and even these mercenary and self-sold elements can be called He considered the first and major cause of the misfortunes of the past four decades.
2- Mujahideen
The second group involved in the civil wars are the Mujahideen, whose fighting movement was formed to defend the country, support religious and national values, and save the people from drowning in the decadent culture of atheism and atheism, and although this spectrum was formed during the fourteen-year Jihad They created for Afghanistan and its people and even the entire Muslims and humanity and caused the failure of communism in Afghanistan and the world, but unfortunately they seem to be caught in many and irreparable mistakes, including civil wars both during the Jihad period and in After the victory, it was remembered that hundreds of thousands of people were killed and the country was faced with terrible damage in many fields.
3- Terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda
From the names of these groups, it is clear that most of the killings and damage were done in their area, so that their performance has whitewashed Genghis Khan and his soldiers.
4- Technocrats from the West
The government of the past 20 years consisted of mercenary technocrats from America and the West, and under the cover of their leadership, more than 170 thousand people were physically massacred, and many political and economic structures have suffered irreparable damage from them.
Therefore, if there is going to be a trial, these four spectrums should be brought to the judge's table first, and be punished for their actions, otherwise, they have no authority to criticize the Taliban by raising the issue of murder, looting, and destruction. W hat's more, their own hands are stained with the blood of the poor and oppressed people of Afghanistan, and they are involved in the widespread destruction of Afghanistan in countless areas and have pushed Afghanistan backward, in a way that cannot be compensated for decades to come.
Regarding the second criticism, there is no qualification for the opponents of the Islamic Emirate, because firstly, there is no apparent sign of affiliation with the Taliban, and secondly, they themselves deny this accusation, and thirdly, the border conflict between Afghanistan and Pakistan always shows the lack of affiliation. Assuming that such a thing is true, then the house of Taliban Abad, which is affiliated to an Islamic country, but woe to the opponents who were affiliated to 46 foreign countries for more than twenty years, and with their support, not only a useful work for the country and its people. They didn't do it, but they tolerated historical betrayals and violated their rights, and now their begging bowl is displayed sometimes in front of France and another opportunity in the presence of the Americans and on many occasions in front of the Turks and Iranians, etc., asking for help. And support is provided.
Regarding the criticism or the third reason, it should be said that first of all, the Islamic Emirate itself has said many times that their view of women and considering some rules and regulations such as hijab is based on Islamic jurisprudence and others such as stopping education from grade 6 and above. or ancestor The establishment of male and female classes in universities or the pairing of shrines and recreational spaces is due to the unpreparedness of the conditions and the environmental structure, which will definitely bring about a series of positive and significant changes as soon as it is ready.
And secondly, thanks to the Taliban, who have adopted a policy so that Afghan women and girls can live in complete health, at least in terms of modesty, chastity, etc., and the dignity and greatness of our women will be preserved, but the opposition in the form of a republican government will not do it. With the evil plans of the westerners, whether with their help in implementing these plans or with their silence and conservatism, they caused the destruction of our women from every aspect, especially from the moral and religious point of view, and certainly if this routine continued for another 10 years Nothing remains of the Afghan woman's Islamic identity.
In relation to criticism or the fourth reason, two points can be raised;
First, where was there a broad-based government during the republic?
Although demonstrative movements in appointing people from different ethnic groups were very limited and in unimportant, non-central, ineffective or mostly ineffective positions, or demonstrative elections were held under the title of democracy and freedom of expression, but On the one hand, only those who belong to a certain nation and are supported by America and its allies would win, and on the other hand, in these elections, money and all kinds of bribery played the main role, and every person and movement that had the most money available It seemed to be the winner of the field, and secondly, the Islamic Emirate has not rejected the formation of a broad-based government on the one hand, but has always said that it seeks to create a special mechanism to achieve this goal, but not as the share of some people and some party. And on the other hand, according to specific information from within the Islamic Emirate's governing body, the Taliban are strongly seeking to develop the country's management circle and to organize it with the presence of representatives of all Afghan nationalities.
Second problem is that basically the conditions for war against the Taliban are not provided
First of all, the war must have an internal context and be fought with national determination and will, then the neighboring countries will welcome it, extend their support, and further, the world will also be interested in confirming and even providing all-round support, and if needed, such as Two decades ago, he acted in favor of the resistance fighters, to overthrow the country's sovereignty, and in its shadow, the resistance claimants tried to seize Kabul, but now these components and conditions are not at all visible or even noticeable.
Inside the country, there are no grounds for conflict and war with the Islamic Emirate
1- There is no spiritual and religious motivation at the level of the people in the direction of war and the beginning of another conflict.
2- From the political and security point of view, people do not consider war and conflict to be beneficial, but consider it to be purely harmful and damaging.
3- The economic situation of the people does not indicate the start of another war under any circumstances.
4- People's soul and spirit are greatly offended by the war, not only do they not show favor to it, but they strongly hate it, they avoid it in all situations.
5- There is no strong centrality, either individual or movement, to organize and lead the people and start another confrontation.
It is that we believe that it is not possible to pay attention to national capacities and interests to confront the Islamic Emirate and count on it.
The region's lack of interest in war and insecurity in Afghanistan
In the region, there is no interest in creating war and insecurity or supporting its perpetrators. In the past, especially during the first five years of the Taliban's rule, some countries in the region, especially the Islamic Republic of Iran, were on the scene and were behind the resistance front, and both at the political and military levels, many works were done in favor of the Taliban opposition in Panjshir, Balkhab and Dara Suf did and even closed his eyes during the American invasion of Afghanistan and did not express any opposition to the air and ground attack of the NATO members led by the United States for the purpose of occupying Afghanistan until the Islamic Emirate fell and the Northern Coalition Front with the help of the United States to Kabul arrived and took over the government.
In this move, Iran was not alone, but Russia also support Ahmad Shah Massoud, and Tajikistan served as an active political, economic and military base of resistance.
But this time the case is completely different and not only the Islamic Republic of Iran has adopted the opposite approach in relation to the Taliban, but it has also stood by its governmental structure, on the one hand, it tries to guide it in the administrative fields, and on the other hand, against Terrorist groups and foreign organized attacks, especially from the Americans and its regional allies, are supported and supported, and indeed Iran is happy and not sad about the existence of a Western anti-authoritarian government, and although the views and conditions of cooperation and support Khudara raises them from time to time, but their determination is to support the Islamic Emirate, and China, Russia and India, although they do not recognize the Islamic Emirate, but recognize it as superior to a normal structure, they cooperate with the Taliban.
Therefore, the four mentioned countries are not only interested in the weakening of Afghanistan's sovereignty, but also hope to strengthen it, because Iran, Russia, China and India are among the newly emerging economic pillars of the East, and for a better fight and domination over the regional and world markets. And to successfully confront the destructive and weakening policies of the West against these countries, especially in this region, they need the security of their own region, of which Afghanistan is at the heart, so providing security in Afghanistan is in the interest of the four mentioned countries and therefore naturally Under no circumstances, not only from the war in Afghanistan and agents Internal and external will not support it, but will act against them.
The world's lack of acceptance of the war in Afghanistan
As in the past, the world has no desire for organized and extensive behavior to create war and support the factors that create and continue it.
Because the most important country in the world, which is America, and in the past by attacking Afghanistan, brought nothing but misfortune and misfortune to our people and our country, and was eventually expelled in a broken heart, it is not able to adopt the previous approach, and if it is able, the charms of the war in Ukraine And the tension between Taiwan and China and possibly the beginning of China's attack on Taiwan will prevent large-scale human, weaponry and economic investment around the issue of Afghanistan, but there is no doubt that politically and intelligence-wise, it will continue to interfere with Afghanistan's internal issues. There will be an atmosphere of darkness in Afghanistan to prevent the authority of the people, the government and the country of Afghanistan, but not to the extent that the opportunists, like in the past, are waiting to benefit from the benevolence of another power.
According to what was said; The possibility of a war in Afghanistan is close to zero or at least very weak, and if there is a possibility that the desperate efforts of warmongers have taken place in some parts of the country and will not continue, then the only way is to interact with the Islamic Emirate, and it is better that the others also Like the Tebyan center, they should take this path from research, research and choice, if they don't take it, the warmongers will have no choice but to pay attention and emphasize interaction with the Islamic Emirate or retreat and flee the country.
The fifth reason for the interaction of "Tebyan Center" with the Islamic Emirate; There is no better alternative than Emirate
Another reason that made Tebyan Center for Social Cultural Activities to take the path of interaction with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is the lack of a better alternative structure.
If it was stated in the previous part that it is assumed that a person or people and currents have an interest and even a dogmatic determination to fight with the Islamic Emirate, but there is no possibility of a war occurring inside and supporting it in the region and the world, but in this part, I say; All the fields and factors of war exist, but war for what purpose and to replace which structure!
Certainly, every war has a subversive purpose and a current and a front fights against a front or a government in order to succeed in overthrowing it. Now let's assume that the Islamic Emirate was attacked, for which alternative and what other structure is in mind to be left to come to power in Afghanistan instead of the Islamic Emirate?!
I believe that there is no suitable and useful alternative to the Islamic Emirate, so that efforts and sacrifices will be made to overthrow it and establish an alternative structure, and hundreds and thousands of other people will be considered victims.
The front of resistance and lack of competence to be an alternative
It may be claimed, as it has been done so far, that the Kadai Resistance Front can be a suitable alternative to the Islamic Emirate, but I say that such a thing is not possible in any way, because the resistance claimants have two problems;
The first problem is weak management
The first and most important form of resistance claimants is weakness in management.
During the past 20 years, the claimants of the resistance each had high responsibilities and positions to fill their mouths in the Republic, a government that has more than 350,000 military forces, hundreds of tanks and armored vehicles, dozens of planes, billions of dollars of money and tens and hundreds of other material facilities and was at his disposal and almost most of the countries of the world recognized it and while the NATO member countries supported that government, but with all this they could not maintain the geography under their management and adequately deal with Taliban that in twenty years In the past, all the material possessions were bread and tea and a Kalashnikov with a motorbike, but now that the Taliban have dominated the country and have all the material and spiritual facilities as well as massive human resource, and resistance front as immigrants in England, Turkey, Iran and some are living in Tajikistan but with empty hands and even their host countries are not interested in any kind of political efforts and mobility, let alone military, let's think that they have the stamina and ability to work and manage as an alternative to the Islamic Emirate?!
Therefore, the claimants of the resistance were the weakest elements in the management field, and it is a shame and even suicide for nothing in this world and the hereafter, which after enduring exhausting labors and sacrificing countless lives, once again gave them the reins of work and life of the people of Afghanistan.
The second problem; The transformation of the leaders claiming resistance
One of the conditions of the war against the Islamic Emirate is the creation of resistance nuclei inside the country. What if only chanting slogans from abroad will not get anything done, but to take such a process in Afghanistan requires the presence of those claiming to be the leader of the resistance. Because it is possible that small nuclei or large fronts with the command of intermediate forces can be organized in the corners of the country, but without the presence of the main leaders, it is not possible to continue the work, and the forces gradually get tired, surrender to the soldiers of the Islamic Emirate, or face military strikes.
The leaders of the resistance will not have the strength to be in the military trenches under any circumstances, even in the long term. In the past 20 years, on the one hand, the concentrated work of Westerners, especially Americans, have caused them to distance themselves from spirituality, struggle, and hard work, to money, armored cars, tall buildings, houses, the garden and finally prosperity and comfort with so much entertainment, think of foreign countries, at least in UAE and Turkey, and make themselves believe that there will be no more struggle and problems caused by it and the country will be at their disposal until the end and the West will support them. It is natural that such elements cannot stand with their middle commanders and soldiers on the battlefield empty-handed.
Therefore, fighting against the Islamic Emirate and weakening it in any possible way will provide the basis for the growth and strengthening of other terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda, which will have the cap acity and power to replace them in some ways.
Therefore, in order for the structure not to be accessible to incompetent and weak managers or terrorist groups, all forces from all regions and followers of all religions and all ethnic groups should remain with the Islamic Emirate and cooperate with it to work for a strong and powerful Afghanistan.
This is why the leadership and senior management staff of Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center have come to the conclusion that the Islamic Emirate has no better alternative than itself and to prevent its weakening and the country's administrative structure falling into the hands of incompetent or terrorist elements, they tried with the Islamic Emirate to interact and create fields of cooperation and harmony so that we can all join hands and be determined to fight for the true divine struggle in the direction of a strong and proud Afghanistan.
But what the officials of the Islamic Emirate should know
The points and contents that I wrote in the previous parts; There are opportunities and capacities that can be counted and defined mostly in the area of ​​the Islamic Emirate, and certainly its opponents do not have these characteristics and exceptions, but it seems natural that the people involved in the Islamic Emirate can take advantage of this opportunity if they can. and capacities to develop and consolidate the foundations of their authority, the well-being and comfort of the people, and the territorial integrity of the country, if they also comply with other conditions, and in other words; The opportunities and characteristics available and at the disposal of the Taliban are not all, but they can be relatively in favor of their rule, not absolutely. In this part, I will mention these conditions in the form of a list, if they are met, it can be definitely said that the war will end in Afghanistan and the country's sovereignty will be established, and the people will see the face of happiness.
Some of those conditions include:
1- Inclusive government
Although some of the officials of the Islamic Emirate still say that their government is inclusive, it will certainly work to put the regulation and formulation of a large administrative structure in the agenda that the citizens of the country can see themselves in.
What I mean by being inclusive does not mean giving a share to the real and legal personalities who, especially during the last twenty years, based on this share, rode on the dust of the people, in the name of race and religion, put the people in black soil and only to They were concerned about their own pocket and fattening their family and close friends, but worthy and worthy elements, both in terms of commitment and expertise, from every nation and followers of every religion, especially Shia, should have a serious presence at all levels of governance.
2- Islamic and progressive constitution
 In order to achieve a stable and prosperous Afghanistan, and for the government to be able to walk in a specific and determined path, having a progressive Islamic constitution is an important and inevitable issue; the constitution that defines the definitions, priorities, structures and goals of the new Islamic system of Afghanistan. In this case, first of all, a commission consisting of scientific and political elites affiliated with the Islamic Emirate and outside it needs to be formed as soon as possible to draft this law, and after that, the Loya Jirga approves the constitution with the presence of people's representatives and the support of the community to be held globally. In the end, it is even possible to put the constitution to a public referendum to gain popular legitimacy. The constitution can guarantee the survival of the government and its efficiency, as well as the development of the country and guarantee the rights of all the people of Afghanistan.
3- Freedom of expression, political party activities and right to vote
Freedom of expression makes the nation's visionary watcher of the government and other national institutions and forces everyone to answer for their wrong behavior and speech, and without it, tyranny will emerge, the existence of parties increases the enthusiasm among the society, the background It provides healthy competition in all areas of local and national construction, and the existence of the right to vote and the opinion of the people in determining the political destiny creates national authority, and of course, the current three mentioned issues in Afghanistan, i.e. freedom of speech, freedom of party activities political and social organizations and civil assemblies and having the right to vote for the nation, but within the framework of Islamic laws, the constitution and by-laws, are other conditions that compliance and implementation will make the government more successful in carrying out its assigned tasks.
4- The rights of Shia
Not much can be said about this issue; On the one hand, the government of the republic under the occupation of the West included the officialization of the Jafari religion in its constitution, surely an Islamic government will not act worse or weaker than that to stand against its officialization. On the other hand, not only have there been no statements from the high authorities of the Islamic Emirate regarding the non-officialness of the Jafari religion, which in addition to the free and respected Shia ceremonies and rituals, especially the Muharram, the personal conditions of Shias are also in accordance with The rulings and laws of the Jafari religion have been implemented and applied, and on the third hand, it is unlikely that the religious and citizenship rights of the Shia, who make up nearly ten million people in the country, will be ignored by the Islamic Emirate, whether it is otherwise Added to the complexities of the macro-management of the country, the basi s of dissatisfaction of this large and wide population has emerged, naturally, it will provide a source and a ground for the exploitation of the enemies of this soil.
But even so, it will not be amiss to remind and emphasize this matter that; Paying attention to the followers of the Jafari religion and securing their religious rights and citizenship, which consists of religious, patriotic, servant and hard-working people to ensure public security and build a proud Afghanistan, can be one of the country's most important priorities and in the following The recognition of other religious and even religious minorities will be more effective in establishing peace and stability.
5- Appointing committed and expert elements at the top of government positions
One of the challenges facing the Islamic Emirate is the presence of inexperienced or less experienced and non-expert officials at the head of some government responsibilities, which unfortunately has caused many problems. Although this shortcoming is due to the Emirate's lack of preparation to dominate the entire country, even though it was supposed to divide the power between the parties by half or a little less and more, based on the peace negotiations with the mediation of the United States between the Taliban and the Republic, but this process did not happen and with the escape of Ashraf Ghani and the collapse of his government from within, 100% sovereignty was given to the Taliban, and it is certainly difficult to provide management forces that have both commitment and expertise in the short term, but anyway Now, one year has passed since the Islamic Emirate's life, and of course, appointing experts at the top of government responsibilities will be very effective in the growth and improvement of the living conditions of the people and the country.
6- Realization of general amnesty in the true sense of the word
At the beginning of this process, the leadership of the Taliban announced a general amnesty for the whole of Afghanistan, and the senior officials of the Islamic Emirate, while emphasizing the strict implementation of this order and guiding the sub-communities towards the observance of the amnesty, regularly announced that they are still bound by It was the ruling of the leadership, so far no oppressor has been wronged, but on the other hand, there have been numerous reports of violations of the general amnesty in different ways, and many real and legal personalities have admitted to violating the amnesty order but at least what the author has witnessed and heard many statements, public fear and apprehension, even people who did not have any responsibility in the previous government and had a policy contrary to its internal and external policies, from regular take and close And there is a constant presence of different agencies of the emirate, especially the government intelligence, if this procedure has happened many times in the corners of the country, especially in Kabul, or the police and security forces in any area with little claims and complaints from the person or people, whether right or wrong. Against a person or other people, quickly send a complaint to the agent behind the gate, without a complaint After investigation and prior notice or court order, they arrest and summon him to the relevant area. It is certain that even if there is 100% security in a country, but there is no feeling of security, the people, especially prominent figures, even if they had responsibilities in the previous government, but they intend to serve under the shadow of the Islamic Emirate, and they are fully committed to this purpose and they seem to be honest, they are completely sure of life and financial security, and they don't have any damage to their dignity and social credibility, and they always spend their days with fear and worry. The country has joined the ranks of the opposition, in the most optimistic case, if they do not stand in the way of their military goals, they will at least use cyberspace to slander and unmask them, thus increasing the tendency to damage the sovereignty more than in the past.
Therefore, one of the important conditions for the expansion of the government's social bases and the strength of its administrative pillars is to include all the citizens of the country, with all their thoughts and beliefs and good and bad work records. Therefore, the real realization of general amnesty and the provision of public psychological security will be an important condition for the powerful continuation of the rule.
7- Activating girls' schools
The most important task of a government, especially the Islamic government, is to provide girls with education; On one side of this spectrum, future mothers and educators of the family and ultimately the community will be essential in the growth, dynamism and authority of the people and the country, not a minor factor, and on the other hand, Afghanistan needs outstanding female managers, especially in the fields of education and health.
Shouldn't Afghan women be examined by a female doctor and then treated and treated by a female nurse when they are sick?!
In addition, Islam mandates the education of both men and women, and especially from the beginning of Islam, I have not heard or seen from any source or authority that has declared the education of girls and women prohibited. Although I heard that some officials of the late Islamic Emirate had mentioned the lack of infrastructure for girls' education as the reason for the closure of girls' schools, recently the Acting Minister of Education of the Acting Government made a surprising statement that the people of Afghanistan do not want their girls to go to school. Go to school!!!
Blocking schools for girls in this region, in addition to fueling people's strong dissatisfaction with the Islamic Emirate, especially the youth, gives an excuse to the Afghan opposition and opposing and enemy countries to justify their hostile actions. Therefore, not only opening girls' schools, but helping to develop and deepen them in the country, especially in the current conditions, is one of the most important issues that must be addressed by the Islamic Emirate.
8- Considering priorities
There are many things that need to be done in the country, but it is not possible to put all of them in the agenda at once, or it is not necessary to neglect many very important and vital things and stick to the priorities of the hand.
Today, the most important priorities of the country; The first is to pay attention to cultural affairs and increase the specialized and at least general understanding of the people, which can almost be acknowledged if only this priority is paid attention to, at the heart of it will be the provision of security and improvement of the people's living conditions and the raising of the public's political consciousness, but considering Due to the importance of providing security and then improving the economic situation of the people, they are considered as priorities after the emphasis on work and cultural activities.
Therefore, although some issues are important, they cannot be assigned the first rank in the priority categories, so neither the government's time is wasted nor the subject should be given to foreigners to mislead the minds of the people and the world with poisonous projections.
9- and other conditions
 There may be other conditions that are not mentioned in order to avoid the length of the article, but the observance of these few limited points mentioned will be extremely important and can complement and help the indicators that are mentioned in the 5th part were pointed out. Otherwise, it seems natural that small and large internal and external problems, obstacles and dilemmas will go hand in hand and seriously disrupt the progress of governance, and then regret will not be useful.
10- But our duty
I; Sayed Isa Hussaini Mazari, Shia of Afghanistan, born in Balkh province (Mazar-e-Sharif city), currently living in Kabul and a believer in the authority of the jurist, and follower of the, Grand Ayatollah Imam Khamenei, (may God bless him) and all my colleagues in the framework The collections under my management, especially Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center and Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), we acknowledge; Paying close attention and emphasis to securing the national interests and territorial integrity of the country and interacting with the Islamic Emirate and cooperating with it, trying to build a free, independent and Islamic Afghanistan, is the highest duty of all countrymen and with respect to all the elders, the Council of Ulama, the seminarian scholars and academics, I make a desperate request to the general public, especially Shia; to devoted all their efforts to solving the problems inside the country and took full advantage of the golden opportunities that arose. Small and big, war and insecurity and work to establish peace, stability and security and build Afghanistan, and say no to any divisive calls and cheering the enemy, strike a strong and powerful hand against the ill-wishers of the country and the people of Afghanistan and prove it in this way who have enjoyed significant intellectual maturity, understanding the harmful consequences of war and insecurity, are looking for peace, stability and security throughout and a prosperous, free, independent and proud Islamic Afghanistan.
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