Publish dateSunday 7 August 2022 - 09:45
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Islamic countries should condemn the normalization of relations with the Zionist regime
The World Islamic Awakening Forum issued a statement condemning the attack of the Zionist usurper regime on the Gaza Strip and the martyrdom of some Palestinians, and called for the unity of Islamic countries against this murderous regime and called on them to condemn any normalization of relations with the occupation regime of Jerusalem.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The full text of the statement of the World Islamic Awakening Forum is as follows:
In the name of Allah
The World Islamic Awakening Forum expresses its condolences to all freedom seekers of the world, especially the Islamic Ummah, on the martyrdom of Tissir al-Jabari, the head of the northern region of Quds groups of the military branch of Islamic Jihad, and a number of other Mujahideen and a 5-year-old Palestinian girl.
Undoubtedly, it is the legal right of the Palestinian nation and resistance groups to defend themselves against the aggression and terrorist actions of this regime, and the crime of the Zionist enemy against Gaza will certainly not go unanswered, and the resistance will respond to this crime in the manner determined by its leaders.
This forum, while condemning any compromise with the usurping Zionist regime by some heads of Islamic countries, as well as condemning the brutal attack and criminal action of the Zionist apartheid regime on Gaza and the assassination of resistance commanders and a group of defenseless Palestinian people, the responsibility of this crime and the consequences of aggression and attack This regime considers Palestine and Gaza to be completely against the occupying regime of Al-Quds and emphasizes that the only way for the Islamic nation to get out of the crises and threats against the oppressed people of the region is the approach of resistance, and all Islamic countries should be at the service of the cause of Palestine and any Condemn the normalization of relations with this regime.
Emphasizing the honorable achievements of the model of heroic resistance, the World Islamic Awakening Forum considers the struggle for the liberation of Palestine as the axis of unity of all Muslim and freedom-loving nations, and emphasizes the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the cause of Palestine and the liberation struggles of its people, and from all nations. He wants the elites and international organizations to act in order to ensure the security of the Palestinian people based on the principle of legitimate self-defense against the occupation and terrorism of the Zionist regime and to prevent their aggression and barbaric crimes in Palestine, because racism, repression, killing, imprisonment The widespread deprivation and attempt to daily humiliate the oppressed Palestinian nation, as well as the naked terrorism of the usurping regime, are the main roots of all unrest in Palestine.
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