Publish dateSaturday 23 September 2023 - 23:01
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Ministry to ‘fully equip’ laboratories and other university faculties
Over the next five years, well-equipped facilities, including laboratories, will be built for all academic fields of universities. The Ministry of Higher Education said.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, In a press conference on Saturday, the scientific deputy minister of higher education Lotfullah Khairkhah said that science laboratories and education faculties will be equipped with the necessary equipment by the end of this year.
Khairkhah said there are no obstacles in the advancement of science and emphasized that universities should meet the adaptive needs of a society, system and country.
More than 350 professors and experts from public and private universities of the country attended this meeting.
They have been asked to draw up lists of supplies and equipment needed so that the ministry can make decisions.
“Certainly, fifty percent of the work that the students of the science department should perform is in the laboratory; by providing this list of materials and equipment, it will certainly be considered a very important and valuable step in the development of science in Afghanistan,” said a university professor who attended the conference.
The meeting of the national program for the revision and development of educational curricula of Afghan universities was held with the aim of developing the university curricula.
The ministry said recently that the curricula of most academic fields have now been revised.
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