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First-ever Afghan Freight Train Leaves Karachi for Kandahar

The first-ever Afghan transit trade train departed from Karachi on Saturday, transiting a cargo of 35 containers to Chaman and Kandahar.
First-ever Afghan Freight Train Leaves Karachi for Kandahar
The train service, called Goods in Transit to Afghanistan (GITA), was inaugurated by Pakistan Railways.
According to sources, 5-7 GITA service trains are expected to run on a monthly basis, shifting up to 500 containers every month, Pakistan Railways Chairman Habib-ur-Rehman Gilani said at the launching ceremony.
“The project will help increase the revenue of Pakistan Railways and will also reduce the heavy traffic flow from major roads and highways, besides providing cheap and smooth cargo services to traders with little loss risks in terms of damages,” said the official, adding that the cargo will reach the Afghan border in 48 hours.
Pakistan originally planned to launch Afghan transit cargo train service in 2017, but the plan it was delayed reportedly due to security issues.
Pakistan Railways initiated GITA to ease traffic flow and meet the demand of Afghan traders.
The service was originally planned to be launched in 2017; however, it had to be delayed due to security issues.
Sunday 23 February 2020 11:18
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