Publish dateTuesday 9 August 2022 - 09:58
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Reconstruction of 24 health centers in Faryab; Implementing institutions are not responsible for the budget
Faryab health officials say that 24 health centers destroyed by wars have been rebuilt; but the institutions that help the health centers are not accountable to Faryab Public Health regarding the expenditure and budget, and they do not share the details of their work.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Mazar-e-Sharif: Ajab Khan Hamidi; The head of public health in Faryab told AVA today, Tuesday, August 09, 2022: 24 health centers that were destroyed due to past wars have been reconstructed by an institution related to UNICEF.
He added that there are 68 health centers in all of Faryab, of which only 33 have standard buildings and the rest are in rented houses where none of the health standards are observed.
According to him, the MMRCA institute has renovated these health centers and made them available to the people; however, the budget for the construction of these centers has not been shared with Faryab Public Health.
Hamidi added that cooperating institutions should not hide the details of their work and people should know where the donated money is spent to avoid the pity of donations.
He emphasized that the institutions cooperating with public health in Faryab cannot provide proper services and after a short period of time their projects will end.
Faryab Public Health Director said that the people of this province are facing many health problems and more than half of the people do not have access to health services.
Meanwhile, Abdul Khalil Nayel; the official of MMRCA in Faryab said that the said health centers were renovated with the financial assistance of UNICEF.
In relation to the complaint of the head of public health about the cost of reconstruction of 24 health centers, he said that they are not obliged to account to the government and the health department, except for the donor who finances the health project.
This is despite the fact that Faryab has been one of the most insecure Northern provinces in the past six years, most of the public centers were damaged during wars and airstrikes, and even a number of security posts were built in the health centers.
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