Publish dateMonday 1 May 2023 - 10:44
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The humanitarian situation in Sudan has reached the point of collapse
Before leaving for Sudan, the head of humanitarian aid and relief of the United Nations considered the humanitarian situation in this country dire and said that this situation has reached the point of collapse.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Martin Griffiths, the head of humanitarian aid and relief of the United Nations, considered the humanitarian situation in this country dire and said that the situation has reached the point of collapse.
In a statement that was posted on the website of the Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs before his trip to the conflict zone in Sudan, Griffiths considered the clear solution to the Sudan crisis to be the cessation of conflict and war in this country.
He added: 2 weeks ago there was a conflict in Khartoum; It happened in the capital and other areas of Sudan and the humanitarian conditions in this country have reached the point of collapse.
Access to immediate health care for those injured in violence is severely limited, increasing their risk of death, Griffiths said.
At the same time as the conflicting parties in Sudan agree to extend the ceasefire for another three days, news sources report the resumption of clashes between them in Khartoum.
On Monday morning, Al Jazeera news channel reported shooting with light and heavy weapons in the suburbs of "Shambat" area, north of Khartoum Bahri [north of Sudan's capital].
This news channel also revealed that several explosions were heard around the presidential palace in Khartoum.
Clashes resumed in Khartoum while the rapid support forces announced in a statement on Sunday evening in response to internal, regional and international requests and in order to open humanitarian borders and facilitate the movement of citizens and resident foreigners to provide their needs or leave. To safe areas, we agree to a 72-hour ceasefire starting at midnight tonight.
It is stated in this statement that once again and despite the repeated violations of the ceasefire by the coup plotters (army) and the remnants of the previous regime who attack our bases and barracks and openly violate the ceasefire, it has declared its firm commitment to the ceasefire. We emphasize and consider it for the benefit of the nation.
The Rapid Support Forces claimed that during the period of the ceasefire, they faced the attacks of the coup plotters (army) many times, which is a clear sign of their deception.
Armed conflicts in Sudan started on the morning of Saturday, April 15 between the army forces and the rapid support forces over power, and international mediations to end it and to sit the conflicting parties at the negotiating table have not been fruitful so far.
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