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Iran and Turkey are two powerful countries in the region and our responsibility is to ensure peace and stability in the region
Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan, who traveled to Tehran yesterday, Saturday, September 3, 2023, after talking with Amir Abdullahian, Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in a joint press conference, welcomed the visit of Ayatollah Sayed Ebrahim Raisi to Turkey. ; Iran and Turkey are two powerful countries in the region and "our responsibility is to rule peace and stability in the region".
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan met with Hussain Amir Abdullahian in Tehran yesterday (Sunday), September 3, 2023.
After that, Hakan Fidan, in a joint press conference with his Iranian counterpart, while appreciating Iran's assistance after the recent earthquake in Turkey, said that in the near future, we will receive Iran's President Ayatollah Raisi in Turkey.
Fidan said: Iran and Turkey are two powerful countries in the region and our responsibility is to establish peace and stability in the region. In addition to bilateral issues, we discussed Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Ukraine, South Caucasus and Libya.
The Turkish Foreign Minister also said about Syria: We examined what we can do in the Syrian issue in a deeper and more way. You know our point of view on the issue of Syria. Our expectations from Syria and cooperation with Syria are completely clear. We want the Syrian citizens who are in our country as immigrants to be returned to their country safely and in complete safety, and Syria to provide the conditions for their return.
Hakan Fidan stated that he had a conversation with his Iranian counterpart about Islamophobia and said: In recent times, especially in Europe, there are heinous and conscious attacks against Islamic values and our holy books, the Quran. We talked about this and the actions that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation can take.
He said: The Syrian government should cooperate more with us in the PKK issue, and these are among our requirements, and I am sure they are also among Syria's requirements.
According to Fars, Fidan said: I talked with Amir Abdullahian about Iraq and Iraq's fight against terrorism and Islamophobia. As Turkey, we are very happy to reach an understanding between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey are big and responsible countries in the region and it is important for these countries to have a friendly and peaceful relationship with each other and it is also important for the stability of the region.
Iran's foreign minister also said in this news conference that Iran-Turkey relations are expanding and the trade ceiling between Iran and Turkey will reach 30 billion euros.
He also stressed on solving regional disputes through dialogue and negotiation.
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